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Sensual Tips

Strap it on, we’re going for a wild ride.

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The Sexy Lifestyle

Carol and David, hosts The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David on VoiceAmerica radio, a leading provider of Internet talk radio. Each week Carol and David, A fun-loving swinger couple, share their own personal [...]

  • Sex Toys

Toying with Gvibes

Gvibes.dk is one of Denmark’s leading sex toy shops, offering high-end items for a variety of erotic interests at stunning discounts. The shop carries products for men, women, and couples and has a dedicated [...]

Valerie Baber on Getting Sensual

Valerie Baber has an unusual and even exclusive perspective on sex and intimacy, formed through her metamorphosis from religious Oklahoma "good girl" to actress, exotic dancer, high-end escort, and now certified intimacy and dating [...]


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