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Carol and David, hosts The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David on VoiceAmerica radio, a leading provider of Internet talk radio. Each week Carol and David, A fun-loving swinger couple, share their own personal experiences with sex, love and marriage. Their show aims to help listeners have stronger, more meaningful relationships through clear communication, pushing boundaries, exploring limits, and fulfilling fantasies.  The show airs every Thursday at 4pm PT on the VoiceAmerica Variety channel. Tune in for their sex tips, wild stories, and live call-in advice about living a happy, healthy, and horny life!

Sensual.tips:  How long have you two been swinging?

Carol:  David and I discovered the swinging lifestyle about 10 years ago while we were on vacation in Mexico. This was about 2 years after we got together, after we were dumped by our exes… David’s ex wife is married to my ex-husband… that’s another story… LOL

Sensual.tips:  Were you both swingers when you met or was swinging something you explored for the first time together?

Carol:  David and I had not even heard about the swinging lifestyle when we sat next to a couple on the beach at the resort in Mexico and began chatting with them. Through our discussions with this couple, we learned that they were swingers. We had sooooo many questions.

After many days of hearing all about the swinging lifestyle from this couple, and then discussing further amongst ourselves, we decided we wanted to try it… so we did. And we’ve never looked back.

Sensual.tips:  People outside of the lifestyle always want to know this one – how you deal with jealousy?

Carol:  The swinging lifestyle only works for couples who are in a strong loving relationship and have good communication skills.

For the most part, couples in the lifestyle are emotionally monogamous (as are David and I) and not looking to connect emotionally with their play partners. The physical act of sex with others is for physical pleasure only, similar to having a body massage or using sex toys. Once you eliminate the idea of emotional connection with others, the jealousy factor goes way down.

When you know that your partner loves you and is going home with you – no matter what happens at the play party — then your confidence overpowers insecurities that could otherwise lead to jealousy.

Swinging couples

Sensual.tips: What has been the question you’ve most enjoyed answering on your show?

Carol:  One of the most common questions we get is: How do I convince my wife to get into the swinging lifestyle?

The answer is: You don’t!

The lifestyle is meant to strengthen your relationship. It is something you do together, as a couple. You both have to want it. If one does and the other doesn’t, then you don’t do it!!!

The swinging lifestyle is not for everyone, and especially not for couples who are insecure or lack good communication.

Sensual.tips:  What inspired you to start a radio show about your sexual experiences?

Carol: We wrote a movie for Hollywood. It’s a romantic comedy about a jealous husband who mistakenly books a couples’ retreat at a swingers’ resort.

When we were in LA pitching our movie script at the American Film Market, VoiceAmerica was there doing live interviews with independent movie makers. We asked to be interviewed to pitch our movie project and the Executive Producer loved our story. He suggested the idea of having our own radio show to educate the world about swinging, and generate an audience interested in the swinging lifestyle, with the ultimate goal of promoting the movie when it is released.

Sensual.tips:  Was VoiceAmerica on board from the beginning or did they need some convincing about the topic?

Carol:  Our show, The Sexy Lifestyle, is all about how to spice-up your sex life and live happy, healthy and horny. It’s not only about swinging. Each week we interview different sexperts, and we talk about sex, sexuality, sexual pleasure, respect, relationships, consent, communication. The goal is to open-up dialogue about great sex because… #GreatSexMatters.

Our show has become so successful, reaching 250,000+ listeners in a year, that we have partnered up with VoiceAmerica to launch a new channel called The Sexy Lifestyle Channel — a safe place for everyone to find out everything they need to know about sex… and more.

By building a community of sex educators all in one place, the channel will have 40+ hosts and all their expert guests, covering a full range of topics including sexual health, orientation, gender, you name it.

It will be the first ever internet radio channel dedicated exclusively to the discussion of sex education. The Sexy Lifestyle Channel will be powered by VoiceAmerica, and will reside on our website, www.TheSexyLifestyle.com. The new channel is expected to launch June 1st, 2018.

Sensual.tips:  What advice would you give a couple that wants to start exploring swinging, but are totally new to the lifestyle?

The first thing we tell people who ask us how to get started in The Lifestyle is, “Talk, talk, talk and then talk some more”. Couples have to talk about everything including their sexual fantasies, their expectation, and their limits. They need to establish rules and safe words – before going into any Lifestyle situation.


They also have to remember that The Lifestyle is more than just swinging. A couple can be in The Lifestyle without sharing their partners at all. They can simply watch together, as voyeurs, or perform together, as exhibitionists. Both of these aspects of The Lifestyle are super-hot and sexy, without the need to touch anyone or have anyone touch you (if you don’t want).

If a couple wants to ease into the swinging aspect of The Lifestyle, they can start with ‘soft-swap’ play which means they flirt, kiss and have oral sex, but no penetrative sex. “Full-swap” play refers to couples having full on sex with other couples.

Respect is paramount in the Lifestyle. The most important rules are 1) No means no, and 2) Ask first, and of course 3) Never take one for the team.

Our rules for our couple are: same room, same bed, same pile. We like to play close together so that we can touch, hear and see each other at all times.

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