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Toying with Gvibes

Gvibes.dk is one of Denmark’s leading sex toy shops, offering high-end items for a variety of erotic interests at stunning discounts. The shop carries products for men, women, and couples and has a dedicated kink section as well. Perhaps most notable? Your order will be shipped the same day you make it, meaning you don’t have to wait to explore.

The Gvibes site also serves as a community and education site, offering extensive guides on sexual health and sex practices – Need help choosing the best vibrator for you? Want to improve your blowjob skills? Is it time for Anal Sex 101? – as well as first-hand sexual accounts from customers. Gvibes shows itself to be a fun, comprehensive, and no-nonsense retailer.

Sensual.tips:  What inspired you to start putting sex and erotica education materials on your site?

Gvibes:  When you shop at Gvibes.dk, you’re getting more than just great quality toys. We’ve always been dedicated to giving our customers the best information on sex, pleasure and relationships to provide high quality products, sexual health education, and accurate and trusted information that promotes sexual health, pleasure, and empowerment.

Sensual.tips:  What’s been your favorite contributions to your blog from your customers?

Gvibes: The Favorite part of running any blog, are the interaction with people with problems, questions about everyday stuff, and if we can just can help one, there lies the whole reward.

Sensual.tips:  If you could only name one must have toy for men and one must have toy for women, which ones would you choose and why?

Gvibes:  Must have toy for Woman: HIKY Vacuum Clitoris- og G-spot Stimulating – Super Kombi Luxus Rabbit Vibrator, High Quality at low price.

Must have toy for Men: Fleshlight’s are still the best toy for men, even do it has been around for a long time, here you get lifelike feel of a real vagina, and vacuum control for more tight feel, for reasonable price.

Sensual.tips:  What’s your favorite part of running Gvibes.dk?

Gvibes: We find that many places are too expensive for everyone to acquire good quality sextoys.

Gvibes.dk has been created to pay tribute to eroticism and eliminate taboo in different sexual desires. With us there is no taboo.

We are curious about the eroticism and sensuality of everyday life, and how we can bring more enjoyment into our costumer’s homes with our products.

Gvibes.dk is Danish and our products are selected for quality and price. We try to buy residual portions of exclusive products and we can therefore sell them at a price where everyone can be afford good quality products. Our sex toys are available in all price ranges and are always produced in approved quality materials.

Sensual.tips: Do most of your customers come from Denmark, or are you serving people all over the world?

Gvibes: All of our customers comes from Denmark. We are currently working on shipping solution, for shipping possibility for every country, even do some destination will have high priced shipping cost.

Sensual.tips:  You have some incredibly hot models on your site, can you tell us how you went about selecting them?

We always try to acquire the best and highest quality sextoy models, at favorable prices, that lead to beneficial prices for our customers. We carefully select every product on our shelves for quality and design.

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